MajikLand has been around for about 5 years hosting private Minecraft gaming servers. After Microsoft bought Minecraft, MajikLand dropped Minecraft servers. It was focused more on development and is still developing prototype games.

Since 2016, MajikLand has been toying with Ark Survival Evolved. The biggest concern with this game is the community. There are hundreds of PVP servers out there with mostly younger players who have adopted a mindless “kill ’em all” type gameplay. You join a server and within 10 seconds, you get abducted by a kid on an Argy and he drops you in the middle of 3 Allosauruses for you to die; you respawn and another kid riding a Croc, bonks you on the head with a baseball bat and calls you obscene names on local voice chat. By the time you build a decent base, after about 3 days work, some other kid flies in on an immortal Pteranodon and wipes you out in 48 seconds. Not really that much fun, unless you group together with a bunch of other mindless kids and go around wiping people out; if you call that fun…

Sure there is PVE, however, there are many players out there who have been surfing around to find a decent PVP server witha mature community who can actually play to have fun, raid to have fun without wiping out hours/days of hard work. It’s actually fun to go raiding and be raided without having to loose all your work.

MajikLand’s goal is to fill that void and build a mature community of players who can trust that their hard work won’t get wiped out, but still have fun raiding and being raided.

There are plans for other games in the future, however MajikLand will devote most of it’s effort into building a fun and challenging Ark community for now.