Events will be posted in the Events Tab of the Steam Group : MajikLand – Ark.


There will be several Dungeons around the Cluster. The first Dungeon will be located on Thieve’s Island. (Thieves Island replaced Scorched Earth on November 17th, 2017)

There is also an ongoing event, Find MajikTom’s Base on Scorched Earth. Tonnes of loot inside!

Scorched Earth – Find MajikTom’s Base!

There is a Base hidden on Thieve’s Island with loads of loot inside! It’s a Stone Base, but any tribe can try to raid it. It won’t be easy, so bring your friends and be prepared to die, repeatedly. Better bring some raiding Dinos and tonnes of ammo.

  • 64 Turrets! (maybe more?)
  • Thousands of rounds of ammo!
  • Hundreds of Rockets!
  • Exclusive content inside!
    • Police Coupons
    • Twitch Coins
    • Dungeon Coins
    • Silver and Gold Coins
    • High Level Wyvern Eggs
    • Rare Resources
    • … plus much more!