Starting with the release of Ragnarok (PVE) and Thieves Island (PVP), (Thieves Island is a free Map), you may start your Tribe and build a Base in an environment where the rules are governed by a Tiered system. You are either Wood, Stone, Metal or Tek class. You can only raid or be raided by the same class that you belong to.

Build your Main Base in Ragnarok, where you don’t have to worry about your hard work being wiped by mindless griefers. You may build safe Bases and Compounds here to farm crops, raise Dinos and interact amongst a mature community without the stress of potentially loosing all your hard work in a 5 minute raid. Build your dream Compound with a Greenhouse, Brewery and Breeding complex. Show off your building skills!

Once you’ve established yourself, bring your supplies and Dinos to Scorched Earth or Aberration. Here, almost anything goes. You can raid, be raided, compete for the epic beacons in open world killing; just don’t be a Twit. If you raid someone, break in, don’t break everything. There’s no need to level a base just to get at the containers. You can break the Boxes, Smithies, Crafting Tables, Forges, anything that contains resources and valuable items, but don’t wipe the base. Sure you have to blow the doors, maybe a ceiling or a few walls to get around, but excessive destruction is frowned upon.

All Tribes will be ranked in a tiered system. If your Tribe has only Wood structures, you can only raid or be raided by other Tribes with Wood or Thatch structures. The same applies for other classes.

Being a Twit will earn you and Admin Wipe and possibly a BAN.

But remember four things:

You and your Dinos may transfer to and from Scorched Earth (even if it says your creature will be destroyed), where open world killing and raiding is permitted, but you cannot transfer items back! Once items and resources enter the PVP World, they cannot leave. This is where you can advance to Tek in order to protect your loot. See who can gather and keep all that precious element!

If you’re going to raid someone, don’t wipe them out. Break in, loot their containers, smithies, fridges etc… but don’t level their base and don’t destroy their farm.

Passive Dinos are not to be killed. You can kill the aggressive Dinos, but leave the Passives alone!

No hiding loot in Dinos. If an Admin finds loot in your Dinos, your tribe’s structures will be wiped. Dinos store food and resources appropriate to their abilities.

Building around Obis

Bases cannot be built too close to an Obi. Minimum distance is 2x maximum turret range. If you’re not sure, then don’t build around there. You may build a 1×1 near the Obis to place a bed for ease of transferring between worlds. Do not destroy others’ beds near Obis.

Soon to be released will be other Worlds in the Cluster starting with Aberration which will be PVPVE.

Check back for updated rules as the community evolves!