MajikLand currently has a Shop located on Ragnarok near the Green Obi. This shop contains items you can purchase for in-game Coins.

You may also purchase Dinos, certain Items and Fertilized Eggs from an Admin. The Price list is located here:

MajikLand Pricelist

The vShop is also in effect. Type /shop 1 in the Global Chat for page 1 of the Virtual Shop items. You can buy items by typing /buy such as /buy coins 1. This will buy 1 lot of 10 gold coins.

To purchase Kits, type /kit to see which kits are available to you. If you are a new player, you can type /kit starter to receive the starter kit.

You may also make a Donation to help support the Cluster and receive 10,000 Gold coins in return. Ask an Admin online.