MajkLand supplies water to every house. You don’t have to run pipes all over the place. Make Eco’s Food Tray and there is a water bucket you can place as a water source for Beer Barrels, the Industrial Cooker and anything else that requires a water source, including the Sink which is available in Eco’s Food Tray as well. You can connect pipes to the water bucket and run water internally if you want, but it’s easier to just plop a water bucket beside each appliance. Unlimited water!

Industrial Grinder

Looking for Clay or Prime Fish Meat? These and other resources are available from the industrial grinder. Use it!


Most of our players don’t have hours and days on their hands to sit around raising Dinos. The Incubation and Maturation times are accelerated enough that you should be able to hatch an egg and have your Dino ready to work in about 2 hours. This allows someone to log on, raise a Dino and start using it in one average session.

No need to sit there as the Baby matures either. Just make a S+ Nanny and fill it with a few jugs of honey and a stack of food. As soon as the Egg hatches, claim it and walk away, the Nanny will guarantee a 100% imprint. No need to supply kibble, take it for a walk or give it any attention.  Now you can hatch an Egg in 5 minutes, go play for a couple hours, come back and start using a fully imprinted Dino.

Check back as more tips and Tricks will be added to help make your life in MajikLand easy and fun!